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La Seine et Notre Dame



One particularly lazy afternoon on the Seine. Extra lazy since it was Jour de l’Ascension. You may not notice it from the photo but it was very hot the whole day , and this is one of people's favorite spot to cool off.

The old Paris on the hill of Montmartre


Some may know I live on Montmartre hill, that quartier that houses the Moulin Rouge and Amelie Poulin's café. I don't like them one bit. They've become too touristy for me. I love it the old way, the Paris that you see when you squint your eyes on a rainy day.

Happened that there was a marché d'antiquité nearby today, where families bring out their discarded heirlooms for sale at exasperating price, which made me all nostalgique (despite me being not at all of Parisian origin, or even French, maybe I've watched too many movies), so here're some photos that will hopefully bring you the same feeling.








As a bonus, here’s a photo of the Seine in that same melancholic mood

Fog in the morning


Fog in the morning

I woke up early intending to jog a little, but what did I see out there in the window? Mist, a forest with its own kind of silk scarf on, like that scene in silent hill. So I went back to sleep.. but not before taking this shot.

The birds outside kept singing though. They seem to talk more than usual in this fog.

Edit: I looked back and realized I wanted a bit more of those fantasy feels that I had so strongly when taking this photo, so I tinkered around and below's the result. I love it infinitely more, but some may prefer it in the bleak original way ^^~


Eiffel Tower


Paris street

So I went and took a walk to the Eiffel Tower, like everyone ever set foot on Paris must. Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of France, to me it's those Victorian style lamp posts lined everywhere in the city, and I love the feel of it. I really do, and my love for Paris'd have been complete were it not for the graffiti and the futuristic, star wars like architecture of the La Défense part of town.

Oh, and I took these photos on valentine day, and they have quite a different feel than my other shots. City of love, what a name! Please enjoy ^^

Effeil tower

Effeil Tower

Effeil tower

Galleries LaFayette


Galleries Lafayette

The roof of the Galleries LaFayette during Christmas.



Paris by evening

View at dusk from Notre Dame. Under those trees is the Seine, I really should go and take a proper shot of Paris by night soon.



Snowy garden

There was no sign of it since winter began, and suddenly it snowed yesterday, from early morning till today. Right on the day I had my first final too, what luck.

Sorry there was no post for so long, I was busy with projects right up Christmas, then finals right after new year. The holidays? I was busy getting drunk. Enjoying my final year in college, I must.

A few of the photos I'd have posted if I could. They all look blue (literally!) and heavy, don't they?





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