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I soooo love shooting my backyard garden!
And booooosssstt the colors up to heaven!!!

Next time, parc de Sceaux, when it stops being so fucking cold mid autumn =.=

Wild flowers


Little whities

Found these while sorting through my photo collection, one day I'll have to get a dedicated macro lens. The Tamron 90mm comes to mind..

Litlle white

Good morning Paris


Good morning Paris

Early lecture today. 8am =.= I was running late when I passed by the kitchen and saw this. Just HAD to capture it.

Another rushed HDR =.=

Fun fact: my bedroom looks to the west, and my kitchen looks to the east => I get to see the day's golden hours all the time ^^

Football field



I went out for some sport with my friends, playing what Americans [most readers of this blog] would call soccer. To me it's spectator sport in all respect, my doctor forbids me from even thinking about such strenuous exercise. So naturally I brought my D40 along.

The sky over the field looked quite beautiful

Sky over field

But turn around and look at the sun and you'll see a different story


Hundreds of airplanes fly over Paris everyday, leaving trails everywhere. I actually like it, favorite pastime while waiting for the bus and/or RER.

Window Sunset HDR


Looking out

I was looking out of the window watching autumn (beautiful word, "fall" just feels kind of melancholy somehow) sunset, and suddenly thought to make an HDR. I was also tired and hungry though, so this is the best I could do. Maybe next time ^^




1/60 sec at f/5.6, ISO 200

I recently moved to France to finish my last year at University Paris XI, and this is one bush of berries on a long street full of them. Exactly what kind of berries I don't know, but with an apple garden in my building's backyard, consider my daily dose of fruit vitamins more than freely satisfied. Vive la France! :D

Hang in there


Hang in there

1/400 sec at f/5.6, ISO 200

I was sitting by the window watching the sun rise (happening a lot lately) and this rope/strings fell down from the blind above. I thought, cool, et voilĂ , pix happened.

Leaving for Paris next Tuesday. Will miss.

Download as wallpaper here

Night Street


Night street

1/4 sec at f/5.6, ISO 1600

A quick snapshot. I think those colorful staircase lights look interesting.

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